Episode 012: She’s Gonna Kill You Some Day, I’m Not Going To Stop It

Finally, the team has started to actually act on their plan. After arguing a bit about their so-called living arrangements, they did some recon on Drakon International’s trucking. Through no fault of Jean-Baptiste, they didn’t get into any broad-daylight street races and got some valuable intel about response times and the like. It’s Wednesday, January 10th, 2080, two days away from when they need to hijack a truck.

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Episode 011: It Is Not Always About Food With Me

The team took a bit of a break and started planning how they might be able to take the truck down with the least amount of damage, though what they wanted to keep safe varied greatly. It’s Tuesday, January 9th, and we join them in their ill-gotten apartments as they start to do some legwork for their upcoming heist.

All music by Deuce.

Episode 010: What An Awfully Specific Denial

After a successful search for new transportation, and despite Jean-Baptiste’s drug-fueled trouble with reality, the team has gotten back together in some bloody cheap apartments. With the bottom tier of Maslow’s Hierarchy taken care of for now, surely they’ll start working on finding a bit of safety and security in their lives.

All music by Deuce.

Episode 009: Have You Never Done Novacoke Before?

While waiting for the appointed time to hijack a truck for Slide, the team split up. Catherine and Micah went apartment shopping and found a cozy one bed, one bath place and through some … aggressive negotiations convinced the current owner he’d be happier sleeping in the shower while they used the remainder of the apartment. The rest of the team went uhh… let’s say car shopping and procured a single-owner late-model low-mileage Ford Americar with an attached mobility scooter. We now rejoin Thumper, Deuce, and suddenly and inexplicably coked-up Jean-Baptiste in their freshly stolen car as they head to the apartment.

All music by Deuce.

Episode 008: Of Course He’s Human, Micah Talked To Him

After meeting their fixer to get a job and having a cold and uncomfortable night’s sleep, the team headed to a local diner to discuss their situation. Over one of the last nice meals they can afford without getting some sort of income, the team realized they’ll need to procure the bare necessities now that they’re no longer corporate employees: four walls, a roof, and a car. We now join Micah and Catherine as they head back to the pleasant gentleman that Micah cozied up to the previous night.

All music by Deuce.


Episode 007: You Just Want To Cuddle

It’s the morning of January 8th, 2080. Down on their luck, broke, homeless, and without proper identification, the team made it to a fixer named Slide to ask the self-styled king for his help with procuring new SINs. He agreed to build decent identities for the two less traditional metahumans in the group in exchange for retrieving a case from a truck scheduled to make its deliveries on Friday. They’ve got a bit of time to kill before the truck job to try to figure out their next moves, and have headed back to the broken down condemned building Deuce calls home.

All music by Deuce.

Episode 006: You Only Won Because You Cheated

Through one of their contacts, the team found someone that might be able to help them burn their SINs, replacing them with some serviceable fakes. What should have been a quiet drive through the deserted midnight streets of St. Louis became a black hole sucking down the teams’ edge as Jean-Baptiste took umbrage at Deuce’s driving. Friendly local law enforcement tried unsuccessfully to keep the peace, and through very little fault of their own, we join the team just pulling up at the designated corner.

All music by Deuce.

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Episode 005: Spank This Motorcycle Riding Fool

Micah managed to get a bit of information from her infobroker contact and enjoyed some tasty Soy Bucks coffee. Through no fault of her own, she managed to not get seen by EVO security. Back with the rest of the team, they planned their next moves and had an unplanned and sudden funeral for a commlink and stole a car. We rejoin the team now as they try to figure out what to do about all of their other commlinks, before hopefully meeting up with a fixer to do something about their pesky SINs.

All music by Deuce.

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Episode 004: She Can Take It Off, She Has Thumbs

The team met the delightfully sane and completely grounded Dr. Switchblade and slightly improved the long-term life prospects for Cat. The doctor provided a carefully laid out rehab regimen, mostly involving whiskey. While the rest of the team spent a few hours in a reputable medical establishment, Micah tries to get some information from her contact, Mr. Lourdes.

All music by Deuce.

Episode 003: You Need Something Removed, Switchblade Can Make It Happen

After witnessing the murder of the man they were supposed to protect and finding themselves on the run from their former employer, the team went in search of someone that might be able to help them, as well as some stiff drinks to steel their nerves. They met two of Deuce’s buddies. Trax, the dwarf bartender, served them plenty of whisky, while Flash the orc fixer tried to set them up with who they should talk to next. He set up meetings with Slide, a fixer with better connections than him to try to get their SINs burned, as well as with Switchblade, a street doc that should be able to dig the cranial bomb out of Cat’s head without leaving her a vegetable. 

Oh, and they blew off some steam watching the Urban Brawl game.

The group has split up. Micah’s going to talk to one of her contacts. We join the rest of the team as they make their way for a little light midnight surgery.

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